Dear %%First_Name%%,

As the new season speeds towards us, I'd like you to consider this proposal to counteract that problem facing clubs across all codes in Australia... how to protect your investment in your most valuable asset - your playing roster - from footballers behaving badly.

We're offering a solution - a form of insurance if you like - against the kind of incidents that can effectively end your club's premiership aspirations... add Eric Bailey to your team in 2008.

Eric Bailey, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is himself a former elite athlete who played several seasons of high level U.S. basketball before moving to Australia to take up an NBL contract. He subsequently starred for the Melbourne Tigers, Hobart Devils and Gold Coast Rollers.

Since retiring from professional basketball, Eric has forged a career helping others. He is now one of the most sought after 'activational' speakers in the world (see: He has worked with many of the highest profile athletes on the planet - among them Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Julius ('Dr J') Erving, Australia's own Andrew Gaze, Venus & Serena Williams and Evander Holyfield.

Eric has a particular interest in helping young people. He speaks at over a hundred high schools every year, helping Australia's youth to break the cycle of drugs and alcohol abuse by making better choices and dreaming big!

His other passion is working with gifted athletes. E.G. Right now he's helping Andrew Walker to develop skills and techniques so he in turn can advise youth to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol... something Andrew's keen to do after his football career. Eric's previously worked with Wally Lewis in a Youth Outreach program for aspiring footballers... and he's been involved with the likes of Alfie Langer, Justin Hodges, Karmichael Hunt and Ben Iken in various fundraising events.

He's seen firsthand the positive impact footballers can have on the community, but he's increasingly concerned at the number of young players across all codes jeopardising their careers (along with the reputations of their clubs). As a result, Eric is now offering his services to work with rising stars, helping them to stay focused on maximising their potential.


You'll also be demonstrating a contemporary approach to training 'the whole athlete' - i.e. not just honing physical talent, but providing them with new skills that will enable them to be better human beings wanting to lead worthwhile lives and maximise their gifts as elite athletes. Eric can even teach your players how to relate to the media, improve their public speaking ability, interact socially with sponsors and give back to the community.

Eric Bailey could well be just the edge your club needs to succeed this season.

To arrange a meeting with Eric, please call me any time on 0414 729 646 or e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you soon and regardless, will follow you up in the next couple of days by phone.

Kind regards,

Debbie Carr
Business Manager
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