What We Do



Vida provides a range of specialty marketing services, usually with a client's database at the core of any campaign. In a word, our main job is to help our clients ‘connect’ with their customers and to make those connections last.

The core skills required for a campaign are all carried in-house (strategic planning, data selection and database analysis, copywriting and creative direction and project management) while we outsource all other services using professionals best suited to each discipline on a ‘horses for courses’ basis.

We pride ourselves on figuring out ‘how to mix oil and water’ – in other words, how to combine science (database analysis) and art (great copy and design) to provide customer-focused, communication solutions across any and all media.

Our Services

Specifically, our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Database Analysis (and all other database services)
  • Creative Concepts (coming up with ‘the Big Idea’)
  • Writing carefully crafted Copy
  • Design (including web sites)
  • Direct Marketing (via snail mail, e-Mail, SMS)
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy & Activation
  • Video Marketing
  • Music Marketing - using music to connect brands with their target audiences (see Bands4Brands)
  • Corporate Community Engagement
  • PR & Publicity
  • Event Marketing; and
  • Account Service / Project Management

We combine all of these to help build both brands and client-customer relationships.

Our Approach

Our Approach

It always starts with the data.

Vida takes a structured approach to providing marketing solutions, each situation assessed in isolation. As a rule, we follow these logical steps:

  • Identify your short-term and long-term goals
  • Set measurable objectives to achieve those goals
  • Analyse customer/prospect data
  • Formulate communications strategies to meet each objective
  • Determine target market segments
  • Develop relevant tactics and choose appropriate channels to market
  • Produce effective and result-driven communications
  • Analyse results and recommend improvements for future campaigns

Wherever possible, Vida captures and analyses campaign data, converts that data to marketing intelligence and thus makes ongoing recommendations that ensure every succeeding campaign is more effective than its predecessor.

We also promise that you always deal with experienced specialists at all times - the agency principals - (not juniors once the account's been won). We are committed to increasing customer loyalty until your clients become advocates for your business or brand.